March Inspirations ~ a tonic for the weary soul…

March Inspirations with Yoga ~ Health Tonic Recipes ~ Aromatherapy Oil

I thought March used to be a relatively calm month, but it doesnt feel that way anymore.  It feels very frantic and everyone wants everything NOW….Is this how you feel?  Do you also feel pulled in different directions by the many components of your life all wanting a bit of you?…    If you said yes ~ read on...
This months blog offers you a sense of inner calm amongst the storms of life.  Give yourself the gift of quietness, stillness to restore your body + soul…
Try the different variations of the pose ~ allow your body to guide you with what it needs….discover something new with this pose and breath each day…

The Pose of the Goddess…  A beautiful pose to begin and end your day with ….




Bring your soles together and draw your heels up close to your body.
Rest one hand over heart and the other over the womb.
Become aware of the sound that your breath makes, now become aware of where you feel the breath in your body ~ can you feel where it touches?   what moves in the body?  what doesnt?  Doing nothing but being aware of the breath and the movement of the body that arises from your breath.
Being aware of the breath and body brings you into this moment….let tomorrow and yesterday fall away….

The Breath of Connection to nourish and nurture will deepen and soothe the body + soul…

  • Inhale   ~ white light to your womb ~ pause ~ holding the light energy in your womb…
  • Exhale  ~ send the light to your heart ~ pause ~ rest with your awareness at the outer layer of your heart.
  • Inhale   ~ white light to your womb ~ pause ~ hold the energy + awareness in your womb.
  • Exhale ~ send the light to your heart ~ pause ~ let the energy sink down into the 2nd layer of your heart…let it rest here for a moment.
  • 4 breaths will take to the womb of your heart ~ continue breathing from the depth of your heart to your womb.
    Strengthening the connection of these two sacred centres…..

Variations of Pose:

  • Arms above the head with soft elbow to encourage deeper breath & sigh the breath away…..
  • Hands interlaced behind the head ~ let the breath travel only as far as the base of the ribs….to release the ‘straight jacket’
  • Use a pillow under your feet/lower legs to support an aching back,
  • A small pillow under your shoulder blade area will allow the heart/chest to expand and help soothe a weary mind and heart.
  • A blanket folded under the outer thighs will offer support for tight hips and weak lower backs…..

Breath variation:

  • Change the breath to inhale to heart exhale to womb to support a deep reconnection. For when you have disconnected from your feminine spirit
  • Sigh each exhalation away with the thought of sighing away the dramas, stresses, attachments.  When life or those in it are pulling at you…
  • Inhale Gratitude for all that you have and Exhale send the energy of gratitude (see it as light) through your entire being… lift you out of a dark space
  • Inhale and Exhale Chant Om….. a wonderful tonic for your energetics…


Grate 1 tsp fresh ginger into a cup ~ add 1tsp organic apple cider vinegar and 1tsp organic honey.
Use this tonic if you have been burning the candle at both ends for too long and its affect is being felt in your body.

Other handy uses for Apple Cider Vinegar..
Soak sore feet in a strong solution of hot water and apple cider vinegar.
Use it to bring a temperature down by soaking a flannel in apple cider and lay it over the forehead, throat or chest.


Lavender will support you on the rainy days of life….

  • Add 10 drops to a spray bottle and keep in your bag to spritz on a warm day
  • Cleanse and freshen your home or work space by spritzing it with Lavender
  • Sprinkle Lavender on a tiusse and pop it into your bra and take a moment through your day to pause and breath the scent in
  • When changing your bedlinen, sprinkle some Lavender on the mattress and pillows to cleanse them energetically
  • When you come home at the end of the busy day ~ burn Lavender Aroma Oil to signify that this is your time now
  • Run a bath and add some drops of Lavender or Lavender branches and flowers and soak the day away
  • Make a Lavender and Chamomile Tea in the early evening to help you wind down for a good nights sleep.
  • Ask yourself ‘what do I need right now in this moment”? and then give it to yourself.So over the busy month of March ~ invite time or even a moment to pause, practice your yoga, breath the beautiful scent of Lavender in or sit and enjoy a herbal tonic.
    And if you have no time ~ at the end of your day….do a few breaths and just give yourself a big old hug…Blessings