Spirit before facebook

Somehow I had stopped taking care of my spirit each morning and I am not sure when it happened?
I didn’t even realize I was doing it and when I did realize I didn’t stop because I had become addicted to checking my facebook as soon as I got up.
Since getting my emails onto my phone (incredible invention) I was also checking in with emails before even having a glass of water.

I pulled myself up last weekend and tore my power back from technology.  It can wait, my facebook and emails can wait but if I don’t take care of my spirit then something dies within.

I am now back to meditating after my morning rituals  and have re-commenced doing my morning pages to clear my mind of total crap + wah wah and I can begin the day with clarity.

By focusing on what was going on out there I had lost touch with what was happening in .. my inner world and that is really so much more important than social media.

I use social media for biz and if you do too then you like Frogs before Facebook.

It maybe your phone you are addicted too?  I find myself now checking my phone all the freaking time.   So I have started to go out without it and it’s actually really nice to give whoever I am with my undivided attention (until they get lost in their phone).

Not everything needs to be posted on social media – keep some memories to yourself!

In the meantime, use November to join me in pulling your power back from something that you are wasting your valuable time + energy on.  It may not be social media it maybe something else like having too many social engagements that put you under the pump – then say NO.

Do what strengthens your power not drains in.
Look at what you are addicted to (ok let’s leave coffee out of this conversation)
Go for a walk without your phone
Go out for an entire day without your phone (OMFG)

Give yourself time and space to breath into whatever it is the addiction gives you and then give it to yourself in another healthier way.

Off for a latte now without my phone!   One addiction at a time.