Survey for Feminine Spirit….

I am thinking about writing some e-books from the wisdom I have gathered over the last 25 years of teaching yoga + being an intuitive healer.  I believe that this information needs to be shared to benefit all women. And….I would love to hear your opinion

What is your biggest frustration with e-books books?
Do you buy e-books?
What do you like/dislike about buying on-line?
What would you pay for an e-book?

For those who are already writing + selling e-books:

How did you start?
What mistakes did you make?
Did you find it hard to commit to writing + what helped you?
What did you charge for your first e-book?
Where did you find your clients + customers?

For those who know me personally or professionally:

What do you feel are my 3 best qualities?

In gratitude I would like to offer you:

$10.00 off any of my products or treatments during the month of April! how good is that!

Email your opinion to me + choose which gift of gratiude you would like to enjoy!