Weekly Inspirations 10th ~ 16th March

Key Theme of March is “COMMITMENT’

In 2014 you have probably been trying to improve aspects of your life; such as upleveling your business, making a career move, renovating your home, healing emotional wounds or deepening your connection to your relationships.

If you want your life to be better ~ then this is exactly what you are meant to be doing! BUT

With change comes the reasons why “I will change when…..” or “I will change if….”  or “its not the right time to…..” “I cant change because…”    Sound familiar? well; this signals a lack of true committment + what is the key theme of March?  COMMITMENT! yup!

What would be the result if you committed to making a change?

If you are so ready to commit to changing your life for the better then:

  • Write a to-do-list to ground your vision and to give yourself something to work from
  • Take baby steps every day towards that vision
  • Keep reminding yourself how it would feel after you made the change.

Monday ~ Friday:

  • Make a list of what or whom you are committed to + what no longer inspires you to commit to.
  • Cross off your New Year Intention list anything that no longer excites you.

I personally have had to do this…..and I felt a huge sense of relief when I took the pressure off myself.
So be kind and just understand that not all dreams are meant to be born!

Saturday + Sunday:

  • How could you bring more balance + ease  into your life
  • What would you need to address for this to happen?

If you are not sure, the good news is the universe will usually highlight it for you!

  • Commit to doing that one thing!  ( I bet you already know what it is!)
  • Reflect back over the year + note how far you have come.

Congratulations…. give yourself a big hug; you have done amazingly well!