The theme for February is “C”

February is the month of commitment, choices, creativity, creation, completion, challenge, chilling out, contradiction, clarity + change.  Yep; It’s a “c” of a month.

I can feel a shift from the craziness (yes another C word) of January to a more sedate energy.  It kind of feels like the earth pauses in February to catch up from the chaos of January.

How committed are you to your health, happiness, love, relationships, career + destiny?

The question that comes to me for 2016 is “what is ending in you?”
And what is ending in me is my Bali Retreats (for now).  My intuition is guiding me to spread my wings in exploring new destinations.  So I created Journey’s for the Soul …. small group touring to spiritual + sacred destinations.  Within a week of being launched my 1st tour was nearly booked out!  So my point is ….make a choice, take action and  you will be supported!   

If your buttons are being pushed your not alone.  Can’t make a decision? tick.  Feeling chained rather than free? tick.  Not trusting your capabilities, strengths + intuition? tick.

Try this…
Rub your hands together to active the healing heart centre in the palms of your hands until they are warm.  Place them over your womb.  Get out of the bubble of your mind by breathing your awareness + breath down into the womb.  Now dive deeper almost to the spine…..known as your womb space.
Ask…. listen and then honour what comes from this deep place of knowing….

Lot’s of opportunity for new directions, opportunities, relationships, inspirations.  New  ways to be empowered, healthier + happier.  But not if you are being an angry, snarly, frustrated, resentful, victim, martyr, trapped, sad and blah blah (this has been me) My husband has born the brunt of it till I woke up + made a choice to change…..

Acts of Love:

  • Dont’ be a slacker with your meditation or yoga
  • If you say yes to something – honour it
  • Stop carrying other peoples energy, drama, crap, responsibilities + stories
  • Let go of the stories of your own life that drag you down + zap your zest for life
  • Give up something that always stops you from having the life you want
  • If something is right for you – it will flow + feel good
  • Seek support if you feel overwhelmed with how ‘big’ life is feeling

None of us know what is around the corner or down the road and this can be kind of freaky for those of us that like to be in control.  But use all your feminine power to trust the signs, to go with it rather than resist and I think you will find there will be something even better around the corner.

Trust …..  Have faith… just like the designers of Lombard St in San Francisco who said in the 20’s “build it and the buses will come”…………