RAW beauty for mature skin

Dry skin that no amount of moisturizer helps?  Try this….
Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar can be used as a ‘wash’ for the face to remove impurities, dead cells and bacteria.  I chose to do this each morning and to incorporate a daily face masque.

Dab undiluted ACV onto any sun spots + leave for  20mins + rinse.  I am trying this now so can’t report back yet….

Blend 1 tblsp of ACV (shake first to blend the healing ingredients) add to a small bottle of filtered water.   Make a small batch to keep in your bathroom.

  • Cleanse your face with your usual cleanser (I use coconut oil)
  • Wash your face with the ACV blend (watch the eyes)
  • Rinse with warm water and splash with cool water to tone
  • Apply a serum made of fresh aloe vera + organic honey to your face whilst you shower.  You will feel it tightening as it dries
  • Rinse + massage in your usual moisturizer
  • Add 1 tbs of Flaxseed Oil to your smoothie, drizzled over your salad or vegies or just drink it off the spoon  daily to ‘oil you up’ from the inside.

Natural Moisturisers’s that I love….change your beauty + hair products so your skin/hair doesn’t get used to it.

Aloe Vera ….  Every woman needs to grow this in her garden cos it’s so nourishing and helps with dark spots thru sun damage.  I use it as a masque, moisturizer + a primer.

Jojoba Oil….Add a drop to your usual moisturizer to restore smoothness

Coconut Oil….
Use it as a makeup remover, moisturiser, hair masque + body oil

Cocoa Butter….Blend a little coconut oil + cocoa butter for a rich evening moisturizer

Cucumber….When peeling your cucumber – lay a peeling or two under your eyes or on the forehead to tone your skin.  Or you can keep the slices in the fridge + apply at night

Vitamin E…Prick a little hole in the capsule + add a drop or 2 to your moisturiser.  It’s a great anti-oxidant and is vital if you have been a sun worshiper.  If you are having any surgery always boost your Vit E + C to help repair skin damage.

Glycerine…..I will often use this as a primer before make-up if I am to lazy to walk to the garden to pick my Aloe Vera. I always add this to aloe vera, honey + cocoa butter when I am having a pamper/beauty bath.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil + Tea…..Add a drop to your moisturiser, or wash your face in a blend of tea + water.  Diffuse some to calm + soothe the mind and emotional heart that could be impacting on your skin.

Carrot Seed Oil…..I love this to help restore hydration.

Face Mists…..Buy a spritz bottle + throughout your day spritz your face + neck.  Also spritz through your aura to freshen your energetics up.  This will instantly give your skin a pick-me-up.  Choose a blend that has Lavender, Rose-Geranium or you may prefer the more fresh scents like citrus, I personally love Grapefruit. …

If your skin is feeling dry you may notice you may also feel dehydrated especially in the late afternoon.  The question to ask “Where in my life do I feel dried up” and think about how much nourishment you are really having in your life.  Add a serious dollop of self-care into your day and see if that helps.

Got a question?  Drop me a line….