Why learning Reiki can help…

Reiki is a simple healing system that can  help you, your loved ones, pets, home + I believe it’s the tonic a fractured society needs.    When I first experienced Reiki  I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt afterwards.  It was the perfect compliment to my yoga teachings.  I had a weekly treatment for self-care to support me with being a single mum.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I believe it is quite simply THE most useful tool in my ‘spiritual toolbox’ as it’s the foundation in all forms of healing.

My teaching methods for yoga + reiki are non-traditional because I want to keep it practical + simple because not everybody want’s to be a spiritual healer!

So how could learning Reiki benefit you?

How Reiki benefits children + teens

  • Reiki children’s feet after a busy school day to ground + relax them
  • Cuddle + Reiki a sick child for healing on all levels
  • Quieten the mind with 1 hand resting over the forehead
  • Relax a teenagers wild swings of energy with a seated treatment for the upper body
  • Hands over the face but not touching for any skin issues  + liver/belly
  • Reiki the ears + eyes to soothe and calm eye strain
  • Soothe any emotional upsets they have with friends with hands over the heart
  • Reiki the solar plexus for personal power + for support with peer pressure + bullies
  • Reiki the immune + nervous system before any immunizations
  • Help young girls with period pain by reiki’ing the lower belly + back

    How Reiki can help the elderly

  • Seated Reiki for the shoulders, neck + head (they can watch TV + you stand behind)
  • Visiting in hospital?  Reiki their feet as they lay down to relax them
  • Hold their hand + the reiki will flow and this will be directed to the heart too
  • Reiki their food + medicines for inner support
  • Cleanse their homes energetically so the energy is fresh + light
  • Reiki eyes, ears and all over the head for clarity
  • If they are distressed – reiki their centre of chest for emotional renewal


  • Not open to receiving reiki – offer a hand or scalp massage + the reiki will flow
  • If they are under stress at work them reiki their heads + shoulders
  • If they have been re-trenched reiki their head + power centre (solar plexus)
  • For sore backs reiki the whole of the back plus knees + neck
  • For depression reiki feet, lower back, between the shoulder blades, shoulders, neck + front/back sides of head


  • Reiki yourself watching TV at night, at the movies, as a passenger in a car with hands over the heart, lower belly, base of the ribs or thighs
  • Reiki your car + home and fill + surround it with light for protection + love
  • Reiki your medicines + vitamins so that they are high vibe
  • Reiki your food that you are feeding yourself + loved ones with
  • Reiki your office so that you can work at your highest potential
  • Lift the vibration of your beauty products
  • Cleanse your home, computer, mobile phone, emails of negative energy daily
  • Take your healing power back from others + be your own inner healer
  • For fertility, period issues or menopause – reiki the heart + womb
  • Flying?  Reiki the plane + pilots
  • Reiki your beautiful pets – they don’t need alot so may often walk off rather quickly

The World

  • Reiki your heart + send the energy from your heart into the hearts of mankind
  • Imagine holding the world in your hands sending healing to where it’s needed
  • Reiki the areas of the world that need it most
  • Reiki your neighbourhood, city, state, country for balance + harmony

So many reasons why to learn Reiki…  and not one of them will cause detriment to yourself or your loved ones.  Reiki is love and in the world is in crises and what most of us really need is more love.

Interested in learning how to give Reiki?  Click here and we can chat