The theme for February is “Improvement”

You only need to watch TV to see the number of home improvement shows to realize how important it is for us to improve where we live.  You may not be as thrilled to discover that the theme for February is “improvement”.     yay!
You don’t need to pay an expert to find out what area of your life needs attention because I bet you already know.  If you are reading this + saying “I don’t know” ….it will be the area you want to ignore because it’s all too hard!

The Full Moon on Wednesday will shine its beautiful light on what needs your attention (just in case you can’t see it clearly) so be aware of what surfaces for you.
See it for what it is and don’t buy into the stress of it all; take baby steps to allow for change, integration, assimilation + moving on and hey… just remember that Rome was not built in a day!  So be kind + patient with it all….

Areas that may need your attention: 

  • Notice how you do/don’t communicate your needs, thoughts + feelings
  • Move away from your constricting comfort zones
  • Biting your tongue, swallowing your words, keeping the peace,
  • Being a control freak zaps your energy – let it go to release a new vitality
  • Procrastination
  • Self neglect + putting yourself last
  • Relationships with communication, judgement, blame + responsibility …yikes!
  • Impatience with everyone else
  • Trying to do too many things at once – one thing at a time inspires creativity
  • Being time poor
  • Negative mind + outlook
  • The need to be a martyr (only works for Mother Teresa)
  • Skills for your career + a great time to do a course or two
  • Health – make the most of opportunities to improve how you look + feel
  • Re-do business goals + upgrade, delete, improve all areas of your biz
  • Dream bigger than you did in 2014
  • Be grateful for your achievements thru January

Now not everything needs improving….  the universe will send you some very clear signs this month as to what does.  Instead of getting into ‘why? why? why’? rather think of yourself as an Artist who is creating her life as she would a piece of art.  If something is not working the artist will stop, trying to work out how to fix things, or if it can’t be fixed it will be put away until something can be figured out.

Trust your decisions + choices – follow your heart not your head and you will be fine.

What needs your attention (honestly)?
I would love to hear…. leave a comment below



inspired by Power Path, Living Now + all my spiritual girlfriends