Weekly Inspirations 2nd – 8th February, 2015

Melbourne is on high vibe at the moment with The Australian Open, Cricket, concerts, etc and of course the upcoming Grand Prix.    Melbourne comes alive at this time of the year.  When does your city come alive?
When your city has a high vibe going on; those who live there feed off this energy + this lifts their vibration too.   Even if you don’t attend any of the events – soak it up!

February is very much about being 100% clear + honest about where you need to improve your life.  Use the first few weeks of February to reflect on what is and what you can do about it.

One of the key themes for 2015 is “NEW” ….  “New” is the New Black!  so instead of looking at the issue with the same old eyes, outlook, attitude or ways of doing things.
How can you do it differently!  Perhaps brainstorm with a friend for a fresh perspective?

Your to-do-list:
Make a list of what you want to improve + begin on the one that is not working at all even thought that is probably the one you want to ignore cos it’s too hard.
Be patient, walk slowly + be open to what surfaces as you restore balance + harmony.
Pay attention to how it changes the fabric of your life
With your list – map out an action plan for each month + follow it

The Universe will be sending some signposts to get your attention.  Listen to them + act upon it without question.

I will share with you a personal story…
On the weekend I was woken up out of an extremely deep sleep + heard a voice say “your left breast is not right – get a mammogram”
Ok; so very blunt and not one to ignore and have I booked – hell yes!
Your message from the Universe may not be direct but pay attention anyway!

This week take time to simply be in your life + see where you want to see improvement and trust that what happens is what is meant to happen.