Weekly Inspirations ~ 26th January – 1st Feb

The pace for the new year has picked up and is running full steam ahead and the big question is ….are you keeping up?
The secret for this week is to pace yourself, to be incredibly structured with your time and keep focused on what needs your attention.
Or you could be like me who is still swanning around happily combining a holiday vibe with work commitments.  But I do know that this will begin to shift in favour of work but that is what happens when we move towards February.

Let me review the theme of January – “Activation” so it was a big month for lining everything up, getting super clear on your boundaries and the choices you make so you can re-charge your creative batteries and ‘activate’ what is required for the year ahead.

The image I have for this week is“The bus has been in the garage over Christmas/New Year to be for a long overdue tune up.  The tank has been re-fueled + is full, the engine is warming up + idling until the driver arrives.  She hops into the bus + sits with ease in the driver’s seat; spending time looking at the map for her journey ahead.  With hands on the wheel; she navigates the bus out of the station + onto the road of life”

You are now in the driver’s seat of your life….so enjoy the ride!

My tips for the week:

  • Make sure you are rested
  • Re-fuel with good food + great friends
  • Re-view intentions if you have made them
  • Walk in the morning or evening + soak up mother nature to lift your vibration
  • Give others the opportunity to support you (if you need it – ask)
  • Be open to signposts from the Universe about your next step if you are unsure
  • Be ok with not knowing

This Australia Day I am reflecting on my ancestors who came to this country to create a better life for themselves + their families.  Some came as convicts + others were Free Settlers but they all left behind loved ones in their native lands of  Ireland, Scotland, France + the US.
I am a grateful daughter of my ancestors that they managed to not let the homesickness,  the flies + the heat to beat them.    You are my inspiration to step away from the known + seek new shores this year – if you could do it; then I can too!. 

Today, for the first time in my sweet white life I am painfully aware of another side of my family who call this “Invasion Day”.  I have never thought of Australia Day from your viewpoint.  In fact; I have never given too much thought at all to your feelings.
My late Uncle began to try + find our extended family but he did it the old way with letters + now the baton has passed to me + I am lucky to have the internet to help!
Today my celebrations are private + subdued in respect of ALL of my ancestors + their stories.  It is on your shoulders I stand + I hope I do you proud.

You may wonder why I shared this personal story; it is because it is time for all of us to open our eyes, ears + hearts to build bridges between families, sexes, cultures + traditions .
Aussies will accept anyone who tries on our way of living for size.  I know it wasn’t always the case but we have learned.  But now it’s our own native people who need to have their side of the story told + Australia needs to listen and in so we begin the healing of our brutal past.  America has had to do it and we need to do so too and only then can we step away from our troubled beginnings into a brighter future for ALL Australian’s.

I would love to hear about your Australia Day + how you honour it?
Do you have a personal story about your ancestors that you would like to share?