Weekly Inspirations ~ 19th-25th January

The energy has picked up and we are so much more anchored into 2015 than in the past.   The more practices that ‘connect’ you to your body + spirit the better your week will be.
If you find yourself still feeling YUK ask for help + support from the loved ones who have passed over ~ your ancestors.  Yes, a tad whoo whoo but the unseen world is close by at the moment as I have recently discovered.

Last night I replayed the stories + dramas of my life instead of enjoying much needed beauty sleep.  Tossing + turning, I suddenly got the vibe to ask my late Father for his help with two deeply stressful issues that I was worrying about.
How?  Simple…. “Dad I need your help”.  Yep + fell asleep straight after!

Fast Forward to seeing clients today at Infinity; where Kelly, the very psychic owner said “you have your grandmother, father +  your babies with you”….. have you asked for help? YES…  “Well, they are here + have a message for you” OMGoddess!

The message related to the exact issues I am stressed out about + my grandmother also showed that she wanted me to have a White Lily; which is so symbolic to me.

Whilst I can see my client’s loved one who has passed over; I rarely see mine.  It was such a gift to receive this insight + I know now all will be o.k.

So why I am telling you all this?

Now is the time to ask for help + support from the spirit + the living world!
Whether you have a reading with a trusted psychic or you simply do as I did and ask for help.  You have nothing to loose + everything to gain!

I have found when I share messages with clients from their lost love that it brings so much to the person left behind + can really help with the grief + healing process.

Acts of Love

  • Good food to nourish your body so that it feels great
  • Set the alarm clock + go for a walk
  • Walk after dinner
  • Early to bed ~ Early to rise
  • Ask for help + support
  • Receive help + support with gratitude
  • Say “YES” to what lifts you up
  • Book in for the 1/2 day Urban Renewal Retreat in March
  • Let your guard down
  • Be less structured + more go with the flow
  • Be grateful for your ancestors for coming to Australia

As we move towards the end of the week stay away from those people who will derail you and unlike me last night don’t buy into the stories + dramas of your life because they will do nothing but drag you down, exhaust you and drain your vitality.

I would love to hear if you have ever called upon your ancestors for help or feel their presence around you?