The theme for January 2016 is “Ready, Reset, Go”

January 2016 forms the foundation for what is to come.  So for some it may feel calm, chilled + very zen and for others it’s full of change, chaos and challenges.  Which one sounds like you?
Beyond January there is 11 months to explore and we DO trust that all the months will flow one after the other and that may well be the essence of 2016 ‘to trust, to have faith that all will unfold’.  If you are a control freak you may want to control, dominate + force things but that isn’t how January flows (or 2016 for that matter)

Do notice what pushes your buttons this month as it may give you a good ol clue with what may be needing healing/addressing in 2016.  Trust me you don’t need that stuff – let it go!

January creates the possibility for change from core to surface – we make intentions +  goals  which creates a ripple, a wave or a  tsunami.  The after shock may leave you feeling crazy and broken but this will allow a core issue that is ready to be dealt with to rise the surface for healing + clearing (well that layer of it).

Acts of Love for January:

  • Your spiritual practices will support balance thru times of change
  • Catch up with girlfriends to reflect on 2016 soul goal’s
  • Make the hard decision that you have been putting off
  • Allow yourself to be guided rather than driven
  • Review your 2015 intentions + can you complete anything to clear the slate for 2016
  • Go for a walk at the beach with your feet in the water to wash away 2015
  • Book a reflexology to help ground you into the new year
  • Book a healing if you are feeling like 2015 is a noose around your neck
  • Go on a retreat in 2016 (Hepburn Springs, Bali, Yarra Valley or Uluru)
  • Reflect on your soul goals for 2016
  • Wear red, orange, yellow/golds

Now, don’t get stressed if you have yet to write your intentions or goals for 2016.  Wait until the desire comes to you rather than forcing it to happen.  Last year I wrote mine in Autumn! 
But I had an idea of what I wanted to create but I never felt inspired until the change of season.  And that’s ok!  Don’t make your goals/intentions something you gotta do or you feel like your not keeping up with everyone else.

What about if the only goal you had was to like/love yourself more?
What about if the only goal you had was to be present to every moment?

Trust what is waiting for you on the pathway for 2016 will be perfect!

Original info – Peta, Patrice, Indre, Power Path, Mystic Mama