The theme for January is ACTIVATION….

I am so late with this post as I am away and have limited internet access which is both a blessing + a curse!    Here goes…January is about activity, stimulation, clearing the slate, releasing, being active, taking action, planning, commitment and activation and yet most of us felt  stuck, stagnant, antsy, moody, depressed, high one minute + low the next.

Your feelings this past week are a good indication of your personal theme for 2015 plus it may relate to something you swept under the rug in 2014 or long before that.

If your yet to write your intentions; you may find the inspiration in Feb, so don’t stress.  But if you have a dream that you keep putting off use January to take a step toward it.  When you put off your goals it stalls your life and when you take action it propels you forward.

Thrive List to make the most of January (well what is left of it)

  • Don’t blame another for anything that isn’t working out
  • What are you judging harshly in another? Is this your shadow side?
  • Write down your weird dreams (the sub conscious is clearing the filing cabinet)
  • Talking yourself out of a dream? Talk yourself back into it – now!
  • Clean out your drawers etc to symbolize you are ready for something new to come in
  • Be disciplined even if you don’t feel like it
  • Do something that stirs your creativity
  • New Year = New haircut + colour
  • Meet up with business partners + re-jig plans + goals
  • Put business ideas aside that have stalled to make way for something new
  • Any courses you are interested in that would fire your career up?
  • Tighten + tone up your boundaries
  • Stop bullshitting yourself + others
  • Where were you stuck in 2014?  take action in that area
  • Feeling tight + sore – book a massage or a healing
  • Be patient as your energy soars + crashes it’s just New Year energy coming in
  • Book your space at New Year – New You workshop

Close your eyes, breath into your heart + blow the breath away and when you feel yourself dropping down into your heart ask yourself “what is my power word for 2015″?
I have heard some great ones…..”vivacious, potential, happy, love, hot, courageous”

What is yours? I would love to hear?

Go forth ladies into a whole new year ….




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