Weekly Inspirations ~ 17-23 Feb ~ the week of priorities

After the full moon you may feel full of vitality or completely drained and it will come back to your thoughts + expectations for yourself, others + life during the full moon phase.
Accept how you are feeling without judgement or pressure to alter it without reacting to why you feel the way you do.

Breathe into your heart, observe thoughts, feelings +your  physicality ~ be with it, surrender to it, allow it.
Observe but dont react.

The vibe of this week is ~ right timing ~ trust ~ ease ~ grace.   Now doesnt that just make it easier to figure out!
So if anything feels too hard, too exhausting, non-fulfilling, overwhelming, unsupported than STOP!
Re-examine your priorities in relation to this ~ do you need to adjust anything?

One of the best things to do is at the end of the day or week is to reflect on day/week + make note of
What or who lifted your energy and what or whom is draining it?
What were you doing when you felt your mood lift or when you felt it drop?
And once again go back to your priorities ~ do you need to adjust, alter, delete, add or remove anything?

A  foot bath would be a beautiful and nurturing treatment for this week….grounding, nurturing + relaxing

As the weekend draws closer ~ keep bringing it back to the heart…
Live the weekend from your heart + what makes you happy and you will notice a big difference!