Weekly Inspirations 17 – 27th April

Oh my goodness ~ is this energy intense or what?

So this intensity will continue until the 23rd April so give yourself space to just breath into whatever feelings are arising for you!
Many will experience  a crisis of some form  in April that will make you STOP and address deeply and honestly how you truly want your life to be.
This has personally been the case for me and I have come out the other side a different person.

I gather quite a bit of information on the energy of the times and then I use intuition, kinesiology + meditation to share the information that those who will read these posts will need to hear…..so this my dear friends is why this message seems to be repeating itself is because WE need to hear this.

The fabric of life is being changed and it will affect every aspect of your being + life.  Be open to receiving clarity about what is really important and where your focus needs to be.

This is the perfect time to address any outdated belief systems that no longer honour the savvy woman that you are.

If you are feeling stressed out then do more of what grounds you and a technique that has been working with is:
When I feel myself floating off into La La Land.    I say outloud to myself ‘I AM HERE NOW” and I keep repeating this until I am back into my body and the present moment.  Try it and see if it works for you too!

Intense Chaos will reign supreme as we move towards the end of the week but its kinda got a creative flare to it – so clear the timetable as much as you can to allow yourself space + flexibility to do what feels good + notice what draws you to it.
If you cannot cope with one more thing in your life then reduce your commitments to others so that you can breathe!

Be a drama-less queen this week by not being drawn into others dramas.  But if you do find you are being seduced by the drama of it all then ask yourself why you feel the need to become involved?  what is the pay off?  what do you get out of it?  and what do you really need?

The mantra of this week will be “Feel the fear and do it anyway”……and if you do your feminine spirit will be alive with vibrant energy and you will notice a definite shift.
Go girls!