Weekly Inspirations 24 – 30th March

At the time of writing this; I am meant to be in Bali, but Jetstar cancelled my flight a few hours before departure.  At first I was pretty upset by as the day wore on I was happy to be in my comfort zone, I was happy to be grounded on the earth rather than flying high above it and I need to just be rather than be doing.

I am guided to tell you to buy Frankincense to cleanse your home energetically to help release any feelings of vulnerability that have arisen over the last week.  Autumn calls us inward and the spiritual fragrance of Frankincense will support that inward journey.   Frankincense is used for protection + purification; which is perfect for this week.

Simple House Cleanse:
Light your incense stick + breath slowly with long exhalations
Breath into your heart + Exhale all that has taken you away from your heart

Settled in your heart :
Walk with your incense around your home allowing the smoke to waft into each room
In each room  ask for:   all negative energies to be released to the light.
Repeat but this time ask for:   light + love to fill the space….

After the cleanse:
This week commit to doing more of what helps you feel more protected, nurtured + relaxed.
Reflect on your achievements for March

With the key theme of March is “COMMITTMENT” ~ What did you commit to?
It takes trust + guts to commit wholeheartedly to something but if you found you pulled back or gave up; then use the potent energy of this week to TAKE ACTION!  Make a list of what you need to do + do it!

Number 1 tip to help you thrive for this week “Get a good nights sleep”

This week show up in your life + notice what you notice!