Weekly Inspirations 17 ~ 23rd March

Giddy-up!!  Hi-ho-Silver…..

Have you forgotten its the Year of the Pony?   Well its really starting to kick in now and you may be feeling the fast pace as an internal pressure starting to build.
It is not a slow trot or a gentle canter – it is a fast paced gallop ~ but where is the horsing running too?

Are you in control of the horse and where it is running too?
Or is it bolting out of control?
Are you hanging on and trying not to fall off?

Pull the reins in just a little so that you are feeling comfortable, stable + secure ~ then re-establish your vision for 2014 and from that place then begin to move towards it at whatever pace feels right for you…

Remember the theme for March is “COMMITMENT” ……..
Be committed to doing more of what increases your feelings of personal power, discipline, engagement, productivity, confidence, groundedness + balance.
Reduce anything or anyone that diminishes that sense of power whether it is foods you crave, social media, gossip, negative talk, news or situations that drag you down.
It will be easy this week to stuff around and not get things done…………it is a choice!

The Autumn Equinox is later in the week and it will be a good time to personal work in relation to your personal power.

So this week ~ grab your cowgal hat, pull them boots on, get back into the saddle and take a firm hold of the reins + yell yee-haaaa!