Weekly Inspirations ~ 1st – 7th September…

If you have been procrastinating (or as I have been ‘procrast-a-baking’) then get cracking on tying or tiding up any loose ends to create space + energy to devote to new spring time projects.
Did you feel the shift in Melbourne’s over the weekend? Keep reading to find out why.

Winter is YIN and Spring is YANG with the masculine qualities of focus, productivity, clarity, courage, sincerity, loyalty, determination + mateship all coming to the forefront which kind of leads me into the whole footy thing.

As September looms (read ‘footy finals’) this sports crazy city comes alive and even if your team isn’t in the finals or you hate footy (there are a few people like that….but not many!) allow yourself to be swept up in the fever + see where it takes you!

When Melbourne (or your own city) is on her A-Game; use this vitality as your foundation to help you to grab life in both hands and go for it!

The weather this week will be a little like us – scattered but it is ok because nature will be symbolizing our own inner changes still percolating away.


Enjoy the fever + go Port Adelaide (or Richmond)

Leave a comment below about what you love about your city at this time of the year…



2 thoughts on “Weekly Inspirations ~ 1st – 7th September…

  1. i feel a little free, i get back the tv, movie channels , but maybe not so much early nights. marg

  2. One must re-claim the remote control to get the rights to watch what they want.
    My husband has to put up too many singing shows!

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