The theme for September is “CHANGE”…

Do you deal well with change or do you resist and go into fear based behaviours?  
Change whether you desire it or not always brings something new into your life and anything new requires a re-alignment of all the layers of YOU.   Some of us just deal better with change than others….and how you deal with change will be how you enjoy September.

Let us cast our minds back to the theme of August ~ “FOCUS + BOUNDARIES.”
For those of you that put the work in to laser focus + creating clarity around your boundaries then you will be overjoyed to see the results of your work in September.  However, if you didn’t do so good; you will kind of please to discover they will re-present in September.  So it maybe worth your while to pay attention! 

September has two key areas that will be jostling for your attention and they are……
re-claiming your personal power + raising your self-esteem and they will be played out in ALL OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS!  Oh goodie…

It will be bigger + grander than just your intimate relationship ~ factor in your relationship to self, career, finances, friends, to the opposite sex, health or your tribe.
This month do the work to deal with these issues rather than sweeping them under the carpet and yes it will push every button you have but in the long run it will be for your greater good.

Let’s get physical!  Thank You Olivia Newton John….. because your body needs movement to shift the heaviness from winter that is trapped within.  Get physical and you will return to a more vital you quicker.  If you are sabotaging your health ~ book a healing to stop getting in your own way of health, happiness + your destiny.

Finally BANISH your stories of fear of change or lack, martyrdom, putting yourself down, sabotage AND victimhood.  In fact; let go of anything, anyone or any story that shatters your personal power + lowers yourself esteem.  Just choose not to do it anymore!

Acts of Love in September

  • If you desire change for yourself let it come from your heart + welcome it
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • Be patient + be accepting of inner changes
  • Acknowledge loved ones who have passed over
  • Reflect on friendships that are no longer
  • Change your home around (especially where you spend a lot of time)
  • Wear different colours
  • The more you change – the more changes will occur in your world
  • Do something different (something you have always wanted to do)
  • Go to a different cafe + order something new
  • If you are no longer inspired by a project you are working on – it is time for a change
  • Visit your local health food shop + discover a new superfood
  • Re-do your personal goals especially if you have already achieved some
  • Do something NEW that lights your heart up
  • Book a Facial Blyss to de-stress the face + restore your glow

This week continue to focus on what feels GREAT ….

September is the month to embrace your life from your heart….

Leave a comment below and let me know how you will embrace your life OR
what is the ONE action you could take to increase your personal power + self esteem.


With all the info I receive – I take it all, read it, tune in + intuit what will serve YOU.
Original info from:
Living Now, Martine Frances, Power Path, Mystic Mama and the universe herself…