Weekly Inspirations ~ 8th – 14th September

This week begins with a Full Moon and is a week of ups + downs…yay!
If you remember the theme of September is “CHANGE” this week gets us into the vibe of being ok with change.

Be the one of who chooses to change + it will feel a lot better than the one who resists.

You may experience obstacles around change or you may feel resistance in regards to making changes in your life or within yourself.

Approach this week as an explorer + be open to the shifts + turns will come and you may find yourself feeling a whole lot better than if you resist.

Stay away from those who drag you down with their never ending tales of doom + gloom.  It will be easy this week to pick up + carry other people’s heaviness especially if you are a caring soul.  If you must catch up with another who is going through a drama – listen with empathy but do not take it on board….

Focus on yourself this week on making YOU feel lighter + brighter + be a beacon of light to others who need inspiring.

Acts of Love

  • Celebrate anything new (any excuse will do this week)
  • Complete what you begin
  • Do more of what is right for you
  • Do more of what increases your personal power + self esteem
  • Set new boundaries for those who are closest to you
  • Not all will love your new changes.  Just don’t buy into their reactions
  • Reflect over your business goals + re-write + update them

Celebrate the change!  Which is great advice if you are peri-menopausal because that is the ultimate change!

Women’s lives are pinpointed by the rituals of CHANGE….from puberty, fertility, marriage, motherhood + menopause ~ all equate to change.
It is and always will be how you deal with change….

Accept and love what is….


Original info from Living Now, Susan Morrow, Mystic Mama + Power Path

Leave a comment below on how well you deal with change and what makes it easier for you.