Weekly Inspirations ~ 15th – 21st September

You may have gone to bed feeling pretty relaxed and woken up an agitated, overwhelmed, out of control woman?  Ok….well that is how I woke up!
The mantra for this week is BE practical,  BE disciplined, BE focused + oh so organized!

Do you remember the theme of September ‘CHANGE’ and the chaos you maybe feeling is involved with change.  You need to use all of your discipline to be organized and not out of control because this is a week to RESET all of the areas of your life you have been implementing change in.

Acts of Practical Love

  • Do a scan through your diary + cancel commitments that stress you out
  • Re-write your to-do-list with less to do
  • Say No to distractions that take your time + energy
  • Go to bed early to restore your energy
  • Get out for a walk in nature + notice her changes
  • Don’t be a martyr – say NO

There are many changes occurring in nature and within yourself ~ be patient!
Spring is just around the corner + all of the goodness that comes with it.

Last week one major change occurred in Australia with a new “Terror” level and although we do not see a physical change to our lives ~ something has changed and this can trigger FEAR not only in relation to the safety + security of our lives in our own country but it may surface old fears + issues for healing.

Please turn off the news, don’t read the papers or listen to talk back radio which seems to be inundated with it at the moment.
See Australia + her inhabitants with full peaceful + loving hearts who are ALL proud to call Australia home!

Leave a comment below on how you are feeling with this increased terror alert?
Has it made you nervous or how are you planning to continue living your life…
Your comments may help someone else who needs a little help…..
Share with your gal friends too!