Weekly Inspirations ~ 22nd-28th September 2014

The theme for September is CHANGE and Spring offers us such obvious signs of change that even the most unaware cannot but help notice them.  But what we forget is that these changes are going on within us too and that can result in us feel very scattered.

Be organized with your life at the moment to keep chaos under control because there will be plenty of things to distract you and it is a choice to say OUI or NON…

Say NON + you will remain focused on your to-do-list and will be rewarded with greater clarity of mind.  Say OUI to your distractions and they invite their friends scattered, overwhelmed + frazzled.   What do you choose? 

The Spring Equinox is on Tuesday night plus the new moon the next day….
Oh my goddess what a week of powerful kahuna that ain’t gently whispering to you “c’mon sweetie” it is screaming at you to “RESET + GO GO GO” (said in shouty capitals)

Acts of Love for the week ahead:

RE-ALIGN, RESET + GIDDY UP .(remember it is the year of the horse)

  • Reflecting back over winter on the good, bad + ugly
  • What did you discover about yourself during winter?
  • What do you need to shed?
  • What are you not willing to take into the next season?
  • What is coming your way this Spring?
  • What do you wish to achieve by the end of Spring?

Create a ritual to honour the ending of Winter.

  • Cook a lovely meal
  • Dine at a restaurant that you have always wanted to go to
  • Buy some flowers for your hallway to welcome you home
  • Catch up with girlfriends + do the Q + A above
  • Journal the Q + A above
  • Going to yoga + reflect on Winter + your journey
  • Go thru your wardrobe clear out what no longer suits you
  • Buy a spring outfit or get a fab new do for the new you
  • Give thanks for the abundance of your life

Its great weather this week so get out and enjoy it.
Recently I bought a new bike but hadn’t ridden it but today with blue sky + sunshine I just knew it was time to “just do it” + I hopped onto my deadly treadly + rode around the Bay in Williamstown.  I have wanted to buy a vintage bike for years and it felt amazing to have a vision become my reality and has lifted my energy to sky high!     

Leave a comment below and let me know what you will do for yourself this week to honour the ending of Winter.  How does Spring inspire you?
You never know your comments may inspire another woman to do something new for herself!