My tips to healing emotional eating, cravings + addictions

I have two coffee’s a week and I am amazed that my body knows which days I usually enjoy my addiction and today is that day.       
So off I trot to my fave cafe to indulge in the sheer pleasure of a good coffee (after all this is Melbourne; the coffee capital of Australia) I chat to the staff + finish this post but I also know that I am there to soothe a part of me that needed to feel more connected.

Over the last 3 years I have gone from 14 coffees a week to 2 (and I really enjoy those two + I have no desire to eliminate coffee altogether).  I have also quite easily reduced my addiction to toast with a slab of butter, cheese on everything + honey.  Often the hardest one to give up is the one that is the biggest detriment to your health! 

I chose to add more ‘living food’ to my diet leaving less room for me to fill up on devitalized food.  One by one I cleared out the cravings + addictions + healed the old wounds that rose to the surface.  I did it slowly because I wanted long term results + I could feel that I was changing on all levels with the clearing + healing of food cravings etc.

I have since dropped 3 dress sizes, I feel more connected to my body + listen to it’s wisdom and I give it what it needs + I feel happier than I have felt in a long time.  But it has also given me the ability to feel my feelings + emotions rather than using food to deny them.

I would like to share the Q + A’s  from my teacher Amy Rachelle which I still use daily to check in with what is right for my body + soul especially when craving something delicious.
So I may use this when out + I want to check in to see if its ok for this coffee, macaron or almond croissant!  AT least I am clear as to why I am wanting/needing/craving it…

Emotional Eating Q + A’s
Think about what it is you crave or are addicted to + put your hands on your belly + ask

  • Do I really want this ……..?
  • Is it ok for me to have this……….?
  • How will it feel to abstain from eating this  ……..?
  • What am I really craving……..?
  • What do I really want …….?

You have a choice to eat it or not… is as simple as that…..

Mini Meditation

  • Breath into your heart + be with your feelings + emotions
  • What does the little girl within need?  Can you give her this?
  • Sense light feeding, nourishing + filling up your heart + soul
  • What are you really craving …..LOVE perhaps??
  • Ask for what you really want…..


  • Understand WHY you want it….
  • Do one at a time + allow the changes to be integrated within + in life
  • Be committed to the process
  • Fast from the emotion, person, substance, place or thing that no longer serves you.
  • Be kind to the inner child because that is the part of you that is craving this…
  • Allow for the learning curve, ah-hah moments + wisdom to arise

And finally, understand that like me there are some things that you still enjoy + don’t want to remove from you life like a coffee, chocolate or a wine with dinner, just be clear with your desire and then enjoy it without guilt and move on……

Please comment below if you have gone thru times of battling addictions or emotional eating + what helped you?
I would love to know more because in sharing your thoughts you may help another woman on her journey.
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