How to create your own retreat at home

When you think about attending your ideal retreat what springs to mind?
Massages, facials, yoga, healthy food, space + time to relax, shopping, cocktails, friends, laughter, relaxation + sleep?

Sounds good doesn’t it?  But not everyone can get away from the daily grind to attend a retreat held in an idyllic destination.

So this is my own retreat @ home guide that I created years ago when I was a single mum running a busy yoga centre.  My kids would go off with their Dad for holidays and I would stay home + retreat and I would always look + feel just as rested + renewed as my girlfriends who had been away on holiday!

So what type of retreat do you want to create?  Detox, go out or stay at home, social or alone, indulgent or super healthy?.

My recipe for a weekend retreat at home
In the lead up to your retreat:

  • Pre-book your spa treatments ~ massage, healing, facial +/or mani/pedi
  • Book a Facial Blyss or Reiki for deeper release work
  • Check out what yoga classes, workshops etc  you may like to attend
  • Clean the house + put clutter away
  • Burn incense to cleanse the house of stuck energy
  • Change the bed linen + towels so that they are fresh for the weekend
  • Stock the fridge with healthy food + delights
  • Buy flowers for your bedside table, hallway + bathroom
  • Hire dvd’s that make you smile,laugh or lift your heart
  • Buy a book or mag or go to the library + spend time perusing
  • Good quality bottle of wine (just in case)
  • Tell people you are out of reach for the weekend
  • Limit watching the news, reading the paper + social media

Friday night
The Soulful Spa
begins by setting thescene by choosing music or silence, light beautiful candles, fill your bath + spend time breathing slowly being aware of your thoughts but not holding onto them.  Your muscles + mind will relax + you can enjoy these treatments.

Epsom Salts Detox Bath to cleanse the aura + soothe tired muscles
1 pkt of Epsom Salts + 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar + add your fave Aroma Oil..
Dissolve salts + add Vinegar + oil….

Coffee Body Scrub  to tighten, rejuvenate + moisturize tired skin
2 cups of ground coffee + 1/2 cup raw sugar + 3 tbsp melted coconut oil
Mix in a bowl + rub the mixture into your skin in large circles with firm even pressure.

Face Scrub a skin treat when face feels dry, dehydrated + dull
2 tsp almond meal, 1 tsp honey, 1/2 mandarin or orange juice
Combine + massage onto damp face and rinse off

Facial Massge + Masque to release release facial tension + restore your glow
Honey +  a good dollop of natural yogurt
Massage in and leave it to dry + tighten, add a little coconut oil + massage the face.  Repeat the process without rinsing off the masque.  Leave the masque + coconut oil on + snooze in the bath.  When you are ready for sleep, use a warm flannel to wash the face + shower to rinse off.

Have your bedroom lit with candles so that it looks beautiful when you enter….
Prepare for bed + reflect on 3 things you are grateful for + blow the candles and day away…

Walk, yoga class, spa treatments and then a delicious lunch in a new area (away from your normal haunts) + see everything with fresh eyes.

Enjoy a lazy afternoon, a movie, laying on the couch + reading or  visit the botanical gardens with a picnic lunch for one.  What would you like to do?

Late afternoon is time to ‘tune out + turn in’.  Turn off the phones, cover up, pop an eyebag on + enjoy.  Mandala ~ Daily Guided Relaxations CD for healing + transformation is the perfect retreat accompaniment to restore your body + soul.

Ginger + Orange Foot Renewal Bath
1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup of oil, 6 drops of orange aroma oil, pinch of ginger
Sit on your kitchen sink or over the bath + rest your tootsies in the warmth + scoop a handful of scrub for each food + massage well and leave on for one minute + rinse.

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment
Massage into wet hair  + wrap your head in a warm towel for 20 minutes then rinse.  If your hair remains greasy resist the urge to de-grease with heavy chemicals – it will wash out….

Lazy walk in a new area followed by breakfast or off to Yoga and a delicious lunch
A movie or catch up with a friend, lazing on the couch or in the garden reading, going shopping in new area followed by a Mani/ped.
Enjoy a late afternoon relaxation to bring deep restoration to the nervous system
Early to bed and wake the next morning feeling + looking like a new woman!

I haven’t included meals but naturally lots of water, juices, superfood smoothies + go easy on the processed foods, meat + chicken.
You know what you love so it’s about doing more of that + less of the daily regimented stuff you always have to do….

I am blessed that when my husband travels for work – I still work but incorporate this into my week + always feel like I have had a break too!

Share this with your friends + let me know what would you include on your spa retreat @ home.