Weekly Inspirations ~ 6th-12th October

What a week the universe has in store for you!  It is full on, full steam ahead, high octane energy and over the top intensity all guaranteed to push your buttons and make you even more emotional than ever! 
I am throwing you a life line to guide you in making the most of the power of this week.
The theme for October is “standing on your tippy toes on the edge of a cliff”.

My simple tips will help you to remain in balance whilst standing precariously on the edge of a cliff on your tippy toes with the storms of life swirling around you.

Acts of High Octane Love

  • Look at your to do list + do the one thing that will feel good to cross off
  • Get physical (it will reward you more than being a couch potato)
  • Don’t look to fix what ain’t broke this week
  • Let go of feeling everything has to be perfect
  • Give yourself a break from dealing with your past this month
  • After the full moon have a treatment to create balance
  • Write down any inspirations or ideas that spring to mind – clarity will come later…
  • Take a risk + step out of your comfort zone
  • If you want to take a leap of faith but feel stuck – take a foot off + see what happens
  • Live a little dangerously this week
  • Say YES to something you have always wanted to do but have put off for way to long
  • Have fun, laugh and play more
  • Do more of what brings out your quirkiness + uniqueness

Read through the list and do the one thing that jumps out at you….

With all this powerhouse energy you maybe wondering why nothing is happening for you and that things have stalled + dried up.  It is the universe guiding you to rest up!
Listen to it’s wisdom and you may have things that need to be finished up – use this time to clear the slate and in a few weeks things will start moving again….

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