Weekly Inspirations ~ 20th – 26th October 2014

This week feels very topsy turvy energy and I always take my cues from Mother Nature and she also feels kinda all over the place too!
Just be aware that one day you may feel like a social butterfly and the next day you crave solitude.  So be more spontaneous + open to last minute changes.

It is still a very creative time of the year so whether you have new ideas you wish to bring into life or perhaps you are trying to conceive a new life within; this is the time to be focusing on what you WANT and really making this your focus.  Yes; I know that we all have to do things we really don’t want to do but always find space to do what you do want.

I have had full-time care of my Mum over the last 3 weeks and today was the first day I actually got out before she was awake to walk (not just to Coles) and I feel so much better because I have prioritized ME.  Now; it is just making sure that this new ritual is kept too!

Acts of Love for this week:

  • Trust that all will be OK
  • Change things up by going to a new cafe, walk a different route, MasterChef your meals with new spices or herbs.
  • Be different + daring + disruptive
  • Bring ‘fun’ into your business, marriage + friendships
  • Hire a funny movie
  • Think creatively at all times + with all things
  • Finish off anything outstanding before starting something new
  • Buy s scarf, flowers or top in a new colour that feels lighthearted + fun
  • Increase self-care to restore balance

October is the month of ‘balance’ but I do suggest you choose who you associate with this month.  I feel I need to say protect your boundaries + truth because not everyone is going to love the new YOU.  Don’t take it personally though it is more about them than it is about you.

Leave a comment below on how you would add more fun into your relationship?
What you say may inspire another gal….