5 Questions to ask to find the right healer for you….

Visiting a healer for the first time can be daunting; so here is my own personal guidelines to what I look for when seeking a new therapist.

Key points I look for when choosing a healer….
She is walking her talk + living her life whilst dealing with her own ‘stuff’
Regularly invests in her own health + healing with treatments + self-care
Charges appropriately which shows me she values her worth + time/energy
Shines with health, passion + vitality – even on the not so good days …

NO. 1   ~  Listen + watch your body language + ask yourself
Am I leaning in towards them or am I pulling away?
Are they speaking the same language as me or speaking in words I just don’t get?
Do I feel that I can share my story, energy + vulnerability with this person?
Do I get the vibe that this person can really help me?
Sometimes you just ‘know’ that you need to see them + they are the next step in your  healing

NO. 2  ~  What actually happens in a session?

Write your questions down before you ring them + ask as many questions as you need so that you feel comfortable with them.  If they do not appreciate your questioning then you know that she is not right for you.

NO. 3   ~  How long have you been a healer for?

If you are dealing with long standing deep seated issues then choose a healer who is highly experienced and has the option of longer sessions if required.
If you are wanting a little freshening up then a less experienced healer is ok.

NO. 4  ~  As the client what are my responsibilities?  

Your healer may give you insights for your health, happiness + destiny and sometimes they are warm + fuzzy and other times they can be a brutal wake up call and you may not like what you hear.
Are you willing to hear the truth?  Can you take responsibility or do you seek to blame or shift all responsibility elsewhere?
I love to receive insights even if they do shake me out of my comfort zone – because maybe that is just what I needed to hear! 

Don’t get upset at what you are being told (perhaps look at why you are getting upset) at some point these insights may make sense + you will be ready to hear them.  Remember  the therapist has intuited these insights from your energy ……..  she hasn’t made it up!

I will pass people over to another therapist if I do not believe we ‘fit’…this question works for both therapist + client.

NO. 5  ~  What will I feel like after my healing treatment?

The therapist cannot guarantee how you will feel because it will depend upon where you are at in your healing journey + how much work you have done on yourself.
Mostly you may feel lighter, calmer, more inspired, free + relaxed but there times when you feel flat, angry + exhausted which feels like crap but it often needs to be felt for a shift to occur.    Email or ring your therapist if you are concerned.

So there you have it…
Basically in a nut shell – trust your own intuition and body language and if you are in doubt go through these q + a’s….
If you feel like I am the intuitive healer for you – then go for it….you have everything to gain!