Weekly Inspirations ~ 27th April – 3rd May

Do you remember what the theme of April was?  Nope? …..well it doesn’t matter cos everything has gone topsy turvy anyway.  I have really struggled to write this because I wanted it to come from my heart but I was so in my head and I’ve realized that this will be key for all of us this week.

The war between the head + heart will be felt physically perhaps with a super tight or even aching neck.   To cope with daily stresses we do energetically cut the head to heart connection (felt in the neck) or maybe you are running around like a headless chook (felt as being scattered + unfocused) or you may feel dead tired or both (felt as lethargy + loss)

For Neck Issues:
Press from the centre of the base of skull along the hairline firmly until you discover a sore spot; hold + almost dig underneath it until you feel a release in the form of a flood of warmth flowing perhaps down your back or around your neck.

Headless Chook Issues:
Pop one hand under the base of the skull + the other across the forehead.  Think of your stresses + hold until you feel tiny pulses under your hands or until you feel the need to take a deep breath + sigh it away  indicating front + back brain has reconnected + calm thinking has been restored.

Feeling dead tired:
Stay active no matter what.  Start your day with 5 glasses of water, 5 of lemon water + then juice before eating – this will free up some energy.

Acts of Love:

  • Your heart knows what it wants – listen + follow it’s wisdom
  • Step out of your comfort zone, break your routines
  • Be wild (whatever that means to you)
  • A month of highs + lows has a big impact – so be gentle with yourself
  • Create an alter with images, candles, feathers, flowers + mementos
  • Turn overhead lights off + have lamps or candles to light your room
  • Talk story with your elders + learn family history
  • Honour your herstory (history)
  • Honour the need to be quiet
  • What legacy will you leave
  • Revisit your 2015 intentions on Sunday

The week after Anzac Day can be heavy energetically + it’s said that the spirit world is very close to the earth and we may feel this as being ‘closed in’..
For Anzac Day I like to create an alter with images + mementos to connect me to my  late father, grandfathers, uncles + cousins who all went to war.
As the week progresses towards Sunday I will make my alter more feminine to honour my maternal line.  Then as Mothers Day draws closer I will include mementos of my babies who have passed over.
Autumn is the time to honour the ancestors who came before you + whose blood still courses through your veins today.

2015 Trend:
When you are responsible for your life more opportunities will present themselves to you so that you can do things more creatively or better.
Release the need to know how everything will turn out + allow for surprises (sounds easy but it may be kinda exciting).  “I have no idea” maybe your mantra for this week + trust it will be ok

There has been so many changes in April + the last week will prove to be challenging emotionally.  So please be kind to YOU.