The Nepal Earthquake + how it affects YOU

When a natural disaster of this magnitude happens in the world it creates a shift on all levels that can leave you feeling ungrounded + unsettled.  So what to do…
Send energy to the region + her people: 

  • Send from your heart waves of pink light to calm fear
  • Visualize Nepal + her people receiving help + restoring life to as normal as can be
  • Send light to allow the ones who have been died to help them ascend
  • Send love to the families who don’t know yet what has happened to their loved ones

Acts of Love :

  • Burn candles
  • Smudge your home or burn incense to cleanse the space
  • Listen to music with a good drum beat or didg to ground you
  • Wear grounding colours
  • Eat grounding, warming + nourishing foods
  • Book a massage to ground you back into your body
  • If you don’t feel yourself – book a healing (you may have picked up an entity)
  • Go to yoga as grounding will be a focus after such an event
  • If you are feeling a little anxious – turn off the TV + do what nourishes + soothes you
  • Stay home in the warmth + comfort

Earthquakes unsettle the entire planet and you may feel like you too have been shaken up and left broken in millions of pieces on the ground + that is kind of right!.

Energetically this is a major way of breaking up the old stubborn stuff that you were struggling to let go of – kinda like Humpty Dumpty.  You can’t put all the pieces back together because the old you will no longer fit.

What are you ready to let go of?



2 thoughts on “The Nepal Earthquake + how it affects YOU

  1. Thanks for the suggestions bella, some major energetic changes going on with planet Earth leading the way – as above so below.. off to smudge now 🙂

    1. Huge changes….everytime there is an earthquake it just shakes it all up.
      I just heard there has been another one in Nepal!
      Obviously we need more release work

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