Weekly Inspirations ~ 4th – 10th May

Are you all buzzy from the prep for the Full Moon in Scorpio?  Being a Scorpio I am always pretty happy with this full moon cos in typical Scorp style it’s as subtle as an axe to the forehead about what needs to be seen + addressed.  But if your not a Scorp you may need some soul soothing insights…huh?
Do you feel that you have taken your foot off the accelerator and you just want to stay home + potter leaving the world to continue spinning without you for a while?  If you answered yes ….you are on track! 

If plans go awry and things stuff up just remember it’s called ‘divine timing’ and in the meantime till things get moving again – check out the Acts of Love + see what speaks to you.

Acts of love for the week:

  • Slow down + simplify your life
  • Take a few things off your plate
  • Finish a plan or goal + tidy up minor details or tweak it
  • Have you felt the need to write (but if your writing has become so bad since the invention of computers – then tap away at your keyboard)
  • Book a retreat to help you make a decision
  • Don’t force a decision but complete what is in motion
  • Don’t stress any setbacks, delays + see it as rather pulling you back into dreamtime
  • Notice what is coming in + what is leaving (or who)
  • Continue spring cleaning home and your life
  • Do a body scrub to shed the old
  • Go for a walk in Luna light
  • Go to a movie + have some popcorn or icecream
  • Have some fun (do you remember what that is?)
  • Do less + be more

View this week as a bit of breathing space….enjoy it!