Weekly Inspirations…

The first of week of the new year is always a little edgy because its a totally intense period of release and initiation into the themes for 2015. 
Use the first half of January to tidy up loose ends, spring clean a cupboard or ten, release, release, release.  As much as it is a holiday month it is not the month to get lazy and let things slide by because there is so much energy around so you may as well use it.

The theme for January is “activation” but often in January we feel the opposite which is “stagnation” where you aren’t moving forward no matter how you try.  So a good old fashioned clean up will shift your energy and you will feel heaps better because you will also be cleansing your energy field.

Everyone may be feeling a little narky this week and that full moon was a kicker!  It will begin the activation process for 2015….  so use the rest of this week to limit chaos or chaotic people who zap you and also don’t take things personally.  However, it is a good time to really strengthen your boundaries against negative people and especially those who push your buttons (just be aware of why they do).

I am away at the moment and would love to be home and clearing out a few things but it will have to wait till mid January and that is o.k.
Heaps of things one the computer to clear out, old email addresses, emails etc.

Now if you haven’t done your intentions don’t force it – the time will come when you feel ready to.  In the meantime just continue on with the clean up and take a few steps toward a vision that you know you have for 2015.

Activate means to take action…..  so get going girlfriend….