The last days of 2014….

Only a few more days left of this year – it has flown and I can hardly believe that a new year looms!  So what are you going to do with this time? 

Even though you are still in 2014 – the energy of 2015 is filtering through…..but you may notice it as feeling unsettled, scattered, high one minute and flat the next, emotional, bitchy, whinging and wanting to feel inspired but not quite feeling the love – yet.

Acts of Love for the last days of 2014:

  • Review 2014 intentions – what is there you still want to say, do, achieve, let go of?
  • How have you acknowledged or celebrated your 2014 achievements?
  • What is one step you could take toward overcoming your procrastination?
  • Own your part in what worked + didn’t work + don’t get into blaming
  • Clear the air in relationships for greater peace, love + groovy
  • Review why you are in relationships/friendships that drain you
  • Book a healing to issues of victimhood or martyrdom (both key themes for 2015)
  • Consolidate business deals, tidy up + spring clean
  • Snooze in the afternoons if you have days off
  • Keep some space in your social calender for some surprises
  • Eat light + clean to support your digestion (of new ideas) + elimination (of the old)
  • Come to Yoga on 31st December to relax, renew + reflect

As the old year draws to a close deep seated issues will always present themselves for your attention such as old issues surfacing (that you thought you had dealt with), bones, teeth + cartilage being affected (I write this with shin splints)….ouch!
Book a healing, have an epsom salts bath or do some journal work to understand what the emotion or feelings are in relation to this.

As we prepare to farewell 2014 and we wait in limbo to welcome 2015 – it feels like the pause between the inhale + the exhale….where nothing seems to be happening but in truth there is magic going on deep down within…..

Allow it to happen……..

Au Revoir



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  1. Ahh . . an epsom salts bath, thanks for the reminder. Looking forward to some Saturday “Pop Up” yoga in the park, beach or anywhere. Love and happiness for 2015. . . . . Pam

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