Weekly Inspirations ~ 9th-15th February

Oh isn’t fun creating a whole new year?  It’s so exciting and there is so much to do with great weather, happy February vibes and so many opportunities just waiting to be explored!   Then again; it can all get a little overwhelming + chaotic.
Take your steps slowly, not everything needs to be done today.  Take time out when you need to; say no to plans that don’t float your boat and don’t get upset if some plans get changed.  All is as it should be!

Let go of needing to control everything + if you can bear it; let go of the need to have all the answers to all your questions.  This is a great time to trust that if it is meant to be ….it will be!  (and I can hear you all whinging now).

Allow things to be creatively worked out and re-arranged or at least see if you can do that.
Take baby steps with it and see how it feels….

Valentines Day is on Saturday; so do something nice for yourself this week.

Acts of Valentines Week Love:

  • Book a massage or facial
  • Go for a walk
  • Pack a picnic lunch or dinner
  • Have dinner in with the gals or your mere male on Saturday
  • Mere male could cook for you
  • Come to Pop Up Valentines Day Yoga on Saturday – if the weather is good
  • Work on one thing at a time + prioritize your list
  • Do a clean up of your garden + make it even more of a sanctuary
  • Practice relaxation
  • See the glass as half full
  • Buy yourself some roses
  • Wear something red
  • If Valentines Day makes you feel alone – take the plunge + organize something with friends


This week go with the flow because it is really quite fun and should be enjoyed.