Weekly Inspirations ~ 16th – 22nd February, 2015

Feeling scattered, unable to focus  or wasting precious time?  Well; stop and re-focus on what needs your attention.  Do more of what grounds, restores clarity + focus so you can be open to a few surprises. 
If you don’t re-focus you will be swayed by every little drama that arises and you will soon realize that you have missed some very golden opportunities.  So stay aware of what is and when a moment of ‘gold’ does come your way – pause + say ‘thank you’….

February’s theme is “Improvement” so address what needs to be changed and improved so that your life becomes one that you want to live + love.

Stop making yourself or your life small rather choose to experience your life on a bigger scale.  In what area of your life do you do this?  Stop doing it and you will  experience even more ‘ah hah’ moments.

To grow this year you will need to step outside your comfort zone and go on an adventure whether it is travel, trying a new sport, dance, cafe or broadening your knowledge…  Not only will you grow but it will make you happier!

Here are my tips for this week…

Acts of Love:

  • Get to know your needs + make sure you know how to get them filled
  • Clear blocks to energy flow by sweeping away any cobwebs
  • Wash your windows so you can see clearly
  • Be time efficient + don’t blame when you waste your valuable time
  • Do something new that you have never done before
  • Go somewhere different that you have never been before
  • Connect with your tribe with a dinner, coffee or phone chat
  • Connect with your community by shopping local + chatting to new people
  • Focus on what you are responsible for
  • Ground yourself by writing down your goals + to-do-list
  • Release the need to know all the answers
  • Be open to surprises
  • What have you achieved already in 2015?
  • Re-decorate your home with a mini makeover to shift old energy

This week as you go about your life focus on YOU!  It is not the week to worry about changing the world or another – it is all about changing your inner landscape and notice what changes that brings to your world.

I would love to hear what acts of love you are going to do for yourself + how you are going to celebrate your achievements.