Weekly Inspirations ~ 23rd Feb – 1st March

The pace of the year is picking up and if you are like me you have quite a few things going on at one time; so this is not the week to slacken off and let things slide.
Do a to-do-list in your diary and stick to the plan otherwise everything may grind to a halt or speed up so fast you can’t keep up.   Beware of distractions that tip you out of your power zone and into chaos.

Create balance this week by including a little bit of this (work) and a little bit of that (play) and a whole lot of this (rest) and even more of that (fun).

Acts of Love:

  • Celebrate any achievements
  • Focus on the changes you have made not what you need to address
  • Have a ‘yes I can’ attitude
  • Believe in divine timing
  • Take responsibility for yourself
  • If your skin feels dry have a facial
  • Practice patience with those who aren’t at your level of awareness
  • Is travel on your radar this year?  Get some brochures to get you excited

2015 Themes for this week:

  • Be the Artisian + re-invent yourself to lift you away from any limitations
  • Think outside the box  and be inventive + creative
  • Take action on any ideas or breakthroughs you have had
  • Dismantle + clear out stuff to make space
  • Be self-accepting of yourself, your issues + others

You are the Artist so go ahead and create a week that is just what you need.