10 tips for late summer health

Late summer is like the party is almost over and we can feel the chill in the air announcing the wheel is turning and Winter will soon be with us….

1.     Late Summer relates to the earth, thoughts, food, stomach + spleen.   Pay attention to what you are feeding yourself with your food, viewing, reading + who you are being with.

2.     Earth Element relates to Digestive System, is what you eating nourishing your body + spirit? Eat organically what’s in season to improve digestion.

3.    Do more of what balances + grounds you in late summer.  Get out into nature + take your shoes off to walk on the beach, in the park, on the grass in your garden.

4.     Emotional imbalance = judgemental, critical, worrying, obsessive, needing to over-mother.

5.     Eat locally grown fruits + veg with moisture + natural sweetness. E.g. apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, beetroot, corn, cucumber.

6.     Physical imbalance = stomach issues, weak muscles, sugar cravings, poor hair, nail & skin health.

7.     Chill out during those hot days, don’t drink icy cold drinks which impairs digestive system + creates a foggy head

8.     As the weather cools Include warming foods like fennel, ginger, mustard greens, pumpkin and squash.

9.     Begin meditation or relaxation to slow down the monkey mind. Too much planning, thinking slows down the digestive function….switch off, chill out + access the creative intuitive brain

10.     Be in present moment awareness (No multi-tasking!) Breathe ~ Feel ~ Listen ~ Aware