Weekly Inspirations ~ 2nd – 8th March

Where do you give your power away?   Who do you give it away to?   What situations bring all your good work undone and your left feeling totally dis-empowered? 
Now you know what March is all about don’t you?  I know exactly where I come undone in regards to power do you?   The universe will bring you situations + people to help you get clarity on this issue so you can begin to work out new ways of being.

When you begin to reclaim your power not everyone is going to be thrilled with the NEW YOU!   Be aware of ‘power plays’ to bring you back down to their comfort level.  Then you have a choice to act in a new or the same old way.

Acts of Brave Love for this week:

  • Stop the pity party
  • Notice when you feel the need to be a martyr or victim
  • When you feel the need to rescue another take a deep breath + ask why?
  • If you feel drained after being with someone, investigate why?
  • Regret nothing
  • Look to your next step not from where you have come from
  • Ask for help or support from loved ones who have passed over
  • Do more of what makes you feel powerful
  • Get out into nature to give you a burst of feminine power + energy

2015 priority trend for this week:

  • Cancel a few things to create space to do what you really want + need to do
  • Potter around home + do a mini makeover which will shift your energy too
  • Pay attention to urges, inspirations + hunches
  • Step away from the grey zone + add colour to your world

March is going to be quite intense but trust me things will lighten up by May and all is as it should be….

You are manifesting exactly what you asked for..



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