The theme for March is “Power”

Even the most empowered woman will still have layers that need to be explored, addressed, healed and strengthened in different areas of her life in relation to POWER . 
As I reflect on the theme of POWER, the image that comes is of Hilary Clinton who may be America’s first female President who also chose to stay with her playboy husband.
Ms Clinton reminds me that the energy of personal power is never clear cut to an outsider.    I once dated a very macho (+ hot but I digress) detective who owned it on the job but as a parent of a teenage son he was out of his power completely!
In working with fertility, I discovered that the more empowered a woman the more issues she had with fertility – this is a 1st world issue unfortunately.

I myself continue to address + heal my own issues to power daily + it’s not over yet!
What is your relationship to power?  Who did you learn about power from and where are they at with power now?  Do this without judgement; just witness with understanding.

March Acts of Love:

  • Note what strengthened your power, when you owned it + when you gave it away
  • March is a healing month + all that arises is to heal old wounds and outdated beliefs
  • Watch your thoughts – are they focusing on dis-empowered thoughts?
  • Where in your life are you noticing expansion, growth + change?
  • Power up your health
  • Get physical and enjoy the results
  • Do your 2015 intentions need a power boost by taking a step towards them?
  • If all is flowing nicely keep focused on the bigger picture
  • What area of your life needs a power surge?  relationship (just a guess)
  • Get clear on where your energy leaks with power
  • Put extra power into what powers your feminine spirit and enjoy what comes…

It’s perfect timing to address your power issues + you may well be an inspiration to another woman who needs a power shoulder to lean on.

2015 trend for March

  • Watch your intentions in your words, thoughts + actions
  • Draw the line in the sand with other people’s bad behaviour
  • Power is a life time goal – be patient + accepting

Did any of this resonate with you?
I would love to hear about your relationship to power plays out in your life?…