Weekly Inspirations, 9th – 15th March

Well how did you feel after the emotional turbulence of last week?  It was pretty full-on wasn’t it? 
This week draw your energy inward to restore what was lost in the fallout of last week.  Go through your diary and cancel or postpone what you can!

In 2015 one of my intentions was to spend more time at our 120 year old beach shack at Olivers Hill.   Like me, she needs a dollop of TLC to restore her beauty + spirit, her garden is overgrown + it’s overwhelming to just look at it; so it would be easy  to stay indoors + re-commence my Holistic Nutrition study but it’s not the time to start anything NEW!   Instead; I am going to weed + clear a small section to create space so I can feel what would really look good, then I am going to prepare the ground + plant out and that my dear gal is my advice for you.  Clear out, create space, know what you want + prepare for a huge surge of Powerhouse energy due in late March.

Acts of Love:  

  • Know what you don’t want so you can get clearer on what you do want
  • Feel the need to whinge, wallow, be a martyr or to have a pity party – stop
  • Ask “Who would I be without this thought” if any of the above surfaces
  • Look forward not backward (unless it is in a moment of pride of your achievements)
  • Get out into nature + enjoy getting physical
  • Take one more step toward a 2015 vision
  • Grab your BFF + escape to the Hepburn Springs Retreat in May
  • Book a healing to cleanse, clear + calm your energetics

This week spend more time in environments that bring out your best, to be with friends that support, uplift + treasure you.  Say NOPE to the rest.

What are you going to do?