Your just not pretty enough!

I saw on the Channel 7 Weekend Sunrise programme an interveiw with the beautiful Jennifer Tress; I will briefly fill you in on her story…
2 years into her marriage she noticed hubby was being distant, so she questioned him and he admitted to an office affair with a young intern and his reason was ‘Jen, your just not pretty enough’…..

I will leave you for a few moments to digest that comment!

Have you heard that comment before?  I have once heard “Your not up to my usual standard” ~ it shattered my heart +my self esteem into millions of pieces.  I was dumbstruck that someone I loved could say that to someone they are meant to care about.
My reaction/response told me volumes about me, myself + I and I embarked on a journey to heal + strengthen my self esteem (because that is the basis of it all!)
Yet when I heard Jennifer’s story the anger rose and I realized that the wound still required attention.

So….If you have EVER heard that phrase ‘your just not pretty enough’ or ever wondered to yourself…. ‘am I pretty enough to get/keep a boyfriend/get a job’
then keep reading….cos you need to be here!

I am inviting you to join me for a free ‘distance healing’ to heal + clear the wound completely.

Monday 9th Septemeber 2013

Time: 12~12.30pm

How: Register your details via email with a brief explanation of:
How did you feel after that comment was made? + Did this affect your self esteem + why?

The healing: You may feel quite relaxed as the healing occurs ~ so enjoy.  I will intuit what the group requires for healing.
I have a vast spiritual toolbox and will draw upon all of my gifts to bring about healing for us all!
After the healing ~ you will receive an email with a description about the healing + what you can do for your own healing and yes….this can all be done with a distant healing!

Well are you in?

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