31 Days of Soul Wellness

“Once you have connected with your source energy, you are at peace with yourself and the world around you….”

Are you:

  • Ready for deeper personal connection + sparkling clarity?
  • Craving a sense of calm + inner peace?
  • Feeling like life has become mundane + you are ready to light up from the inside out?
  • Shedding the layers of winter + are ready for more joy, health +happiness?
    Open to connect, communicate + collaborate with like-minded souls?
    Do you feel like you have lost your grounding + need to be anchored back into your centre?

If you have said ‘YES’ to any of the above, and know that now is the time to clear the clutter of your life, keep on reading:
you are in the just right place!



About 31 Days of Soul Wellness

Beginning 01 October 2013 and spanning all 31 days, 31 Days of Soul Wellness is an on-line programme (eCourse)  focusing on embodiement, movement and connection.

This course has been timed to run in alignment with the energy of spring: (renewal, growth + change), so that as our environment becomes alive, so do you.

The intention of this program provides a beautiful space for you to delve deeply within yourself, create a curious joy filled relationship with your body and soul, a space which encourages nourishment of your life, through inspired and practical action…..

Just how is this going to happen? A wonderful team of gorgeously clever and soulful ladies have gathered together so that you get the best support, ideas, tools and inspiration possible.

Who is in your support team?

Mel Horne ~ holistic kinesiologist and ‘create your best life’ coach.  Who will be sharing embodiement and joyful living tips and practical ways to implement all the information shared Tammy Guest ~ nutritionist and naturopath will be speaking about ‘Feeding your Body to Feed your Soul’
Sara Brooke ~ meditation teacher, reiki therapist who will be sharing ‘Creating an Enhancing an Internal Connection to Nourish Your Soul’
And of course, me, Susanne Calman ~ yoga teacher and holistic therapist.  I shall be speaking about ‘Movmenet and Yoga for The Soul’

If you are interested to know more or are ready to join 31 Days of Soul Wellness  click here to go to my affiliate page.
The entire programme is only $120 (early bird price of $99 before 10th September 2013)

This is the year to live your best life ~ what are you waiting for?….