"Thank You" notes ~ a lost tradition….

My mum always comments on how ‘people today never send a note to say thank you for the gift they have received’ ~ I roll my eyes as I reply “people are too busy to do it any more”!   But, I think Mum is right……

A few months ago I left a note + box of handmade chocolates in the letterbox of a friend who had lost a family member.  I never knew if she got them because I received no response via text, email or a little note to say ‘hey thanks for thinking of us in our time of sadness’!
I wondered if the postie ate them, or if they had melted or perhaps she didnt understand the gesture behind them until ….

I saw her today and as we passed each other in the street she called back to me ‘oh yeah thanks for the chocolates’…
I replied ‘I didnt hear so I wasnt sure if you got them’ ~ she smiled and said they were delicious!

A thank you note is an old fashioned + gracious way to say ‘thank you’ for thinking me, for taking the time out of your busy life to buy or make this gift for me ~ I really appreciate it”…


Gratitude is such a buzz word these days +yet we are too busy to acknowledge a gift!

I would like to thank my friend for the gift she has given me ~ because I have now bought myself some beautiful hand made note paper, I have my grandfathers fountain pen and I am going to start a new tradtion ~ of sending a little thank you note!

Because I am grateful you thought of me!