21.12.2012 ~ a more soulful christmas?

I  share with you a tradition that I have enjoyed for a few years now…
my hope is that it will lead you to enjoying this most sacred time by nourishing your heart and soul from core to surface…

If you listen everyone is so stressed and almost resentful of what Christmas brings to our lives…
It doesnt have to be this way…….for without soul Christmas is very unsatisfying!!
I join you to make the change from tonight onwards.

The 13 holy nights are an esoteric tradition that have changed the way I view this most sacred time…
The lead up begins at sunset on the 21st and the first of the holy days begins at sunset on the 24th December and ends on the 6th January.
It is a time when the veil between spirit and earth is opened and if you are receptive you will receive guidance from the spirit world thru messages, signs from nature and our daily lives to propel us forward into living a more soulful and inspirational life…

But first you must begin to slow down, pay attention and listen with an open heart to your soul rather than the chaos of a restless mind….

So tonight ~ set a sacred space, light a candle, get rid of the to-do-lists from your sight and journal what you have experienced from 21 ~ 23rd with your thoughts, who you have spoken to or seen, images, signs….  Notice what you notice.
We arent forcing but rather allowing…  to be open to the spirit guidance is a gift…  so that you can move into your best YOU!

From 24 December ~ 25 December you can set up the imprint for your new year
and each night after sets up the following month….all the way thru to sunset 6 Jan ~ where you have set up December 2013…
Gather and record your info in a journal, collect pictures, photos, quotes that inspire you….
Have fun with it!!!

I like to light a candle and do it in my sacred space…  So i make sure its tidy with beautiful aromatherapy oils, crystals and anything else that will create a soulful feeling.

Slow down and simplify this soulful time…..