Cleopatra’s Wrinkle Remover Secret….

This recipe comes from an english translation of the hieroglyphics with a modern twist + is  one of the oldest beauty secrets in the world and was known to have kept Cleopatra virtually wrinkle free for most of her life.

Slice 2 unpeeled cucumbers and blend with enough thick whipped cream to make a thick smooth mixutre.
Add 1 tbsp of olive oil and blend again.
Add 1 tbsp of honey and blend.
Add a little cornstarch (I added organic oats) and blend a few more seconds.
Set in the fridge for half an hour to cool.
In the meantime scrub your face, forehead, neck and throat with lime or lemon halves and do not dry.
Lay down and apply cucumber cream…and it needs to stay on for 1hr
Afterward when the face is clean, dip your fingers into some cream and rub in a gentle circles and let dry.
Do not apply any other creams.

Do this daily or if you cant ~ do once a week just make the recipe smaller…
I have substitued dairy milk for cream and I have also substituted cashnew nut cream for dairy cream and its all worked out ok.

The juice from the cucumber is excellent for teenage skins too!!!