Couples fertility healing ~ get on the same page again!!!

The fertility journey is one of the hardest and most frustrating journey’s you will ever undertake.   The longer you are on the fertility journey ~ the harder it is!
Some partners feel a sense of powerlessness as they watch their partner hide her pain behind the mask of “I am OK”….
She on the other hand may feel that she is doing it all on her own because he or they dont understand.
Some don’t even tell their family or friends that they are trying to conceive and they are struggling…

What does all this do to a relationship??

I have been inspired to create several packages to support couples who are struggling within themselves and their relationship.
There is nothing to loose ~ no side effects ~ except for the possibility of  everything feeling good again!!

What you will exprience during your treatment:

  • A gentle release of heaviness and weariness
  • Letting go of the story and the  ‘why me and why us’
  • Dissolution of unspoken words, hurts and unresolved issues between you both
  • A deep sense of physical relaxation

What you will experience after your treatment:

  • Restored confidence in your ability to conceive
  • Greater understanding of your own needs and your partners needs
  • Enjoyment of life and its simple pleasures
  • Gratitude for all that you have in your life
  • Intimacy and connection
  • A stronger foundation and deep soul committment to create a family together.

Package A:
1 x 2 Intuitive Healing for Fertility treatments 1 1/4hrs  (value $240)
1 x 2 Follow up for both partners  1hr (value $160)
Value $400 ~ special offer $360

Package B:
1 x 2 Intuitive Healing for Fertility treatment 1 1/4hrs (value $240)
1 x 1 Follow up for one partner 1hr (value $80)
Value $320 ~ special offer $300

Package C:
1 x 2 Intuitive Healing for Fertility treatment 1 1/4hrs
Value $240

Not sure ~ feel you would like to chat ~ I am happy to chat via skype, phone or email about your issues and see how I can best support you!!
Susanne Calman 03-93973015 or

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