Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Retreat

What a delightful venue for a retreat Ubud Sari turned out to be….and how deliciously satisfying RAW food was….who knew!!!

There is a common theme with my retreats ~ food ~ I believe food is a healing medicine that can nourish, hydrate, regenerate and it can once again excite our weary palates.  We fantased about each meal and what it would taste like!
Much to the dismay of other guests on the detox retreat (who looked miserable)…
WE bubbled with laugther and excitment over the food, what spa treatment we were having ~ we looked, sounded and felt happy!!!!
When was the last time you got really excited about food??


The juice and smoothies were the fuel that our bodies needed and we were happily determined to try each and every blend.

We would gather at 6am for our sunrise walk to the rice paddies.  Bali is beautiful in the early morning ~ it is the true Bali!

Upon our return we would break the fast with freshly squeezed juices or smoothies, banana crepes with coconut or fresh fruit salad and homemade yogurt.    Our yoga was gentle and nourishing with lots of sublte attention to the areas of our bodies that suffer from our western lifestyles and diets.

The daily spa treatments soothed, pampered and nourished our body and soul.
We had begun to walk slower, we ate more consioulsy, we laughed and we all had a “ah hahh moment”

This is what is so amazing at a retreat ~ to watch the blossoming and awakening that occurs.
It happens to everyone, in their heart but it has the power to flow into their lives.
Some had clarity with the next stage of their life whilst others just needed to rest and renew and not think about tomorrow.
Some learnt and others remembered what they already knew.


We all were inspired to improve our health and wellbeing thru the healing power of food
and to create greater balance
of doing and being,
of playing and working,
of caring for others and remembering to practice self care.

I believe that if we can find balance within and in our lives…
It is then, we will age with
beauty, grace and wisdom!!!.

To the Bali Goddesses who joined me for the first Rejuvenation Retreat ~ I give thanks…It was pleasure to share this with you….

Bali Goddesses