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About Feminine Spirit

I warmly welcome you onto my website.  Here I share with you a bit about myself and and the journey that has led me to create Feminine Spirit.

Everything about Feminine Spirit stems from my deep connection with ancient wisdom and practices.  Yoga was a part of my life even before I was born.  When the nurses came to collect my mother for an emergency C-Section, they found her in a headstand!  She is the legendary Bette Calman ~ what did they expect?

Feminine Spirit is a fusion of yoga and the healing arts and it will continue to evolve – as I do!

I am passionate self-care and my Feminine Spirit offers time away from life for an hour to a weekend to a week to devote your undivided attention to your own needs.

When you work with me you benefit from all that I have studied, experienced and lived to support you on your  journey.

I hope you take some time to see what Feminine Spirit can offer you….

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