Cardamom ~ Food as Medicine

Cardamom is known as the queen of spices because it’s one of the most valued spices in the world.  It’s seen in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes but I love using it for healing medicine. 
I love to add herbs and spices to my water as food medicine to help with my digestive issues.  At the moment I love a Cardamom tea in the afternoon with a dash of honey.
If you open your cupboard your medicine is right at your fingertips.
Buy the green cardamom pods rather than pre-ground….much more versatile!

A healing food:

  • A good source of potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron
  • Contains Vit C + is an antioxidant
  • Warming digestive aid

Spice medicine:

  • Cramping bowels or tummy
  • Tooth ache, gum infections, sore throats
  • Lung congestion + will soothe a nasty cough
  • Circulation boost
  • Getting your flirty spark back
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Boosts appetite
  • Relives acidity  (calming to an irritated stomach)

How to use Cardamom:

  • Chew a handful of seeds after dinner to cleanse the palete
  • Make a herbal tea with a few cardamom seeds in boiled water steep for 10 mins
  • Poach a pear or apple with cardamom seeds
  • Add a pod or two to your regular tea

If none of this interests you – it’s also an aphrodisiac!
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