The themes for May are ‘detox, delete, subtract”

What area of your life needs a colonic?  It is on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level?  What toxins or parasites need to be flushed down the drain?  What’s clogging up your light?  Where are you bound up?  Detox this May without filling the new space with something or someone.  Subtract but don’t add  ….just yet!

Reflect on who or what is energetically dead to you; it’s time to prune the dead wood.     

Everything feels like it’s going backwards and issues you thought you had moved on from are now raining on your sweet self.  Try to find the blessing with what’s being pointed out at the moment?   Bring it on and deal with it!    Go you gutsy gal!

In the middle of your colonic you need to trust that now is the time to set new rules, new boundaries, new dreams, new possibilities, new direction,  new ways of living,  new behaviours and so on and so on.      NEW NEW NEW – who knew knew knew 

Don’t buy into your story instead get your groove unstuck by pushing the envelope, stretching your comfort zone, flee the safe nest, do whatever you can to jump out of the box you find yourself in and trust that all will be revealed if you hold up your end of the cosmic bargain.

Be the woman you want to be, act like you have the life you dream of – too scared to?
What on earth are you waiting for?  Be the new you in whatever colour + fragrence that is.

The simple key to May is to breathe, follow the signs of the universe, trust your heart and intuition, micro steps forward, hold on cos June will be here and the year will be on banned perfomance enhancing steroids.

I am going to take June off to soak up my holiday in France.
Au Revoir mon amie

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