Glowing Skin ~ Happy Gut

If you are keen to enjoy a radiant complexion don’t discount your gut health.   
A few months ago my skin felt so dehydrated and no matter how much water I drank I couldn’t quench my thirst.  A chance reading about the bacteria on the skin and how Apple Cider Vinegar may help dry skin led me to try this….

In Autumn our skin does dry out so it’s important to take time to nurture your skin.

Add a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar to cup of water and splash on the face each morning and rinse and pat dry.  In the afternoon sip hot water with a dash of ACV and honey.
I had an ah-hah moment and bought some Flaxseed Oil which I had 1 tablespoon each morning and drizzled some over my meals at night to ‘nourish my skin from the inside out’ and within a week my skin felt normal and my dry mouth had cleared up.

I also included some probiotics and added garlic to my diet to help the gut and I also stayed away from anything that had a drying or heating affect such as caffeine, heating, spicy foods and booze.

I already use Coconut Oil as a moisturizer + cleanser and for extra nourishment I would add live yogurt as a facial cleanse and for a mask with a drizzle of honey (leave on 10 mins whilst wallowing in the coconut oil bath).    This is a simple and easy way to encourage good bacteria, boosts skin and immune health.

These are pretty natural ways to keep the skin’s barrier intact and healthy, flora happy + thriving which leaves your complexion glowing + radiant.